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We want to be the best Napoleonic resource in the world but, with such a huge topic, we cannot cover everything. However, we will be only too happy to point you in the direction of top-quality sites devoted to the study of the Napoleonic Wars.



Book Publishers' websites

Pen and Sword Books
Greenhill Books
Osprey Publishing
Chrysalis Books


Flags of the Napoleonic Wars
Alan Pendlebury's NapFlags


Austrian Army Museum, Vienna
British National Army Musuem
Deutsches Historisches Museum
Heeresgeschichtliche Museum im Arsenal
Musée de l'Armée
Museo Napoleonico (Rome)
Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle
National Army Museum (London)
Napoleonic Era at Versailles
Royal Museum of the Army, Belgium


Trafalgar 200 website
Cape St Vincent Commemorative Site
Historical Maritime Society
Maritime History
National Maritime Museum (Britain)
Nelson's Navy
The Nelson Society
Nelson's Victory
Painting Naval Miniatures
The Russian Navy
Ships of the Royal Navy During the Napoleonic Era
DryDock Models


Napoleonic Coins of Italy
The Black Brunswickers
Brigade Napoléon

Connaught Rangers Re-enactors
Hillsdale College's Military History Documents
Guerra Independencia Espanola (in Spanish)
Historic Battles
King's German Legion Online
Miniatures' Uniforms Paint Schemes
Mock Trial of Napoleon Bonaparte
The Nafziger Collection
Napitalia: The Eagle in Italy
Napoleon the Musical
Napoleonic Association (England)
Napoleonic Cavalry Association
Napoleonic Chess
Napoleonic Documents
Napoleonic Heraldry
Napoleonic Medals
Napoleonic Medals
Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore
Saxon and Duchy of Warsaw Uniforms
The Sharpe Appreciation Society
Titles and Heraldry

Places to Visit

Le Maison de L'Émperor
Tour Guides to Battlefields

Societies, Foundations, Key Sites

Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution
The Napoleonic Guide
Association of Friends of the Waterloo Committee
International Napoleonic Society
Fondation Napoleon
Napoleonic Alliance
Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide
The Napoleon Series
Napoleonic Literature
The Napoleonic Society of America
Napwars II
Napoleonic Wars Series
Napoleon 1st
Napoleon I
The Napoleonic Alliance
The History Guide
European History

Tours (virtual tours)
Battlefield Tours (Waterloo)
Cooper's Waterloo Tours
Midas Battlefield Tours
Tour Guides to Battlefields


Napoleon in Russia Project
Clash of Arms
The Compleat Strategist
Decision Games

Eagle Software
The Gamers' - Napoleon Brigade Series
Horse and Musket
Mac Wargames by Design Inc.
Napoleon Games
Breakaway Games
Eagle Games

War of 1812

Map of Major Northern Campaigns
US Army Historical Series
Original Letter From an American Soldier
1st of Five Letters From an American Ensign
2nd of Five Letters From an American Ensign
3rd of Five Letters From an American Ensign
4th of Five Letters From an American Ensign
5th of Five Letters From an American Ensign
Genealogical Research
Words to the Star-Spangled Banner

Education Sites

Education Planet

Other Sites

Web Wombat Online Magazines and Australian Search Engine
Daniel Florido - Dynamic Web Design, 3D Animation & Film
Legends and Heroes Sporting Memorabilia


Napoleonic Guide Sites

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